R-Pharm Group introduces comprehensive solutions for the healthcare system and focuses on research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment and medical devices. R-Pharm's mission is to increase the accessibility of advanced diagnostics, preventative care and therapy methods in Russia and abroad.

More than 5000 employees of the group do their best to provide as many people as possible with the necessary means to improve and prolong their lives.

R-Pharm’s 11 state-of-the-art manufacturing sites are functioning in accordance with international quality standards. The group has signed agreements on strategic partnership, production localization and technology transfer with the world's leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

The most important activities of the group include research and development. Today, R-Pharm’s research pipeline contains more than 100 knowledge-intensive products, many of which are capable of making a serious contribution to the fight against high burden diseases.

Following corporate social responsibility policies, R-Pharm organizes projects aiming to increase awareness about dangerous diseases, promote healthy lifestyle, improve the educational system and foster a new generation of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.